Figure 1 of Srinivas, Mol Vis 2001; 7:114-119.

Figure 1. The chaperone-like activity of a-crystallin in the prevention of protein aggregation

The DTT-induced aggregation of a-lactalbumin (solid squares) and insulin (solid circles) at 37 °C, UV-induced aggregation of g-crystallin (open squares) at 37 °C, thermal aggregation of bL-crystallin (solid triangles) and g-crystallin (open triangles) at 60 °C and 63 °C respectively. For calculation of molar ratios, molecular weights taken are: a-crystallin-20,000,bL-crystallin-27,000, g-crystallin-21,000, insulin-6,000 and a-lactalbumin-14,200.

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