Figure 5 of Gross, Mol Vis 2000; 6:30-39.

Figure 5. Does Tsp bind 16-AP?

Tsp (1 mM) and 16-AP (1.5 mM) were mixed together and incubated to allow possible binding to occur. In A we show the results of the emission wavelength scan from 400 to 500 nm while holding the excitation constant at 362 nm. The spectrum was compared with the protein alone (1 mM) and 16-AP alone (1.5 mM). The scans show that the mixture of ligand and protein was no different from the sum of the ligand alone and the protein alone, indicating that 16-AP exhibited no fluorescence enhancement when mixed at equilibrium with the protein (indicating that Tsp does not bind 16-AP). B shows the results of an excitation scan while holding the emission at 432 nm. The results were the same as with the excitation scan and showed no fluorescence enhancement of 16-AP in the presence of Tsp, also suggesting that 16-AP did not bind to Tsp.

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