Figure 1 of Yang, Mol Vis 2000; 6:237-242.

Figure 1. Diagrammatic structure of human RGR-encoding lentiviral transfer vector, pHR'-CMV-hRGR

The transducing plasmid, pHR'-CMV-hRGR, provides the vector genome packaged into the viral particle and includes a human RGR cDNA under control of the CMV promoter. Recombinant virus was generated by co-transfection of 293T human kidney cells with a three-plasmid expression system, including pHR'-CMV-hRGR, the packaging construct pCMVDR8.91, and envelope protein-coding plasmid pMD.G. LTR, long terminal repeat; Ga, partial sequence of Gag gene; RRE, rev responsive element; SD, splicing donor; y, packaging signal [9,10].

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