Table 2 of John, Mol Vis 2000; 6:204-215.

Table 2. Cell-specific markers used in study

Cell specific antibodies were used to assess cone immunoreactivity in retinas with RHO mutations.

       Cell            Marker        Specificity       Species   Dilution        Source
-------------------   ---------   ------------------   -------   --------   ----------------

Cones                 7G6         unknown              mouse     1:250      P. MacLeish

Cones                 -           X-arrestin           mouse     1:100      G. Inana

Cones                 JH492       red/green            rabbit    1:5,000    J. Nathans
                                  cone                 opsin

Cones                 UW-16       red/green            rabbit    1:200      J. Saari
                                  cone opsin

Cones                 JH455       blue cone opsin      rabbit    1:5,000    J. Nathans

Cones                 PNA-        cone sheaths         plant     1:100      Vector Labs
                      rhodamine                        lectin

Interphotoreceptor    -           interphotoreceptor   rabbit    1:100      J. Saari
matrix                            retinoid-binding

Cones and rods        Per         peripherin-2         mouse     1:30       R. Molday

Cones, rods           P26         recoverin            rabbit    1:1000     A. Dizhoor
bipolar cells

Cones,                C8666       calbindin            mouse     1:200      Sigma
Horizontal, bipolar
and amacrine cells

Cones, rods,          A6403       cytochrome C         mouse     1:1000     Molecular Probes
inner retinal cells               oxidase

Rods                  4D2         rhodopsin            mouse     1:40       R. Molday

Rods                  -           rhodopsin            rabbit    1:3000     E. Kean

Rods                  A9C6        rod arrestin         mouse     1:1000     L. Donoso

Astrocytes and        ZO334       GFAP                 rabbit    1:750      Dako
Müller cells

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