Figure 4 of Simpson, Mol Vis 2000; 6:178-183.

Figure 4. VEGF expression in a murine model of oxygen-induced retinopathy

Levels of VEGF and ARP mRNA and 28S rRNA were measured by real-time PCR in murine retina immediately after oxygen treatment (t=0) and 12 and 24 h after return to room air (t=12 and t=24). Each column represents the average of 3 amplification reactions (error bars represent standard deviation), performed on a single cDNA sample reverse transcribed from RNA prepared from a minimum of 8 pooled retinas from at least 4 mice derived from 2 or more litters. Values for t=0 were set to 100%. The level of ARP did not change significantly, 28S rRNA dropped slightly at t=12 while VEGF increased two-fold between t=0 and t=24 (p<0.01). Comparable results were obtained in a replicate experiment using a different set of mice.

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