Figure 2 of Ahmed, Mol Vis 2000; 6:144-147.

Figure 2. Denaturing polyacrylamide-urea gel electrophoresis of amplified cDNA products

Lanes 1 and 14 are pBR322 Hae III digested DNA molecular weight ladder, lane 2 is migrating epithelium minus RT, lane 3 is migrating epithelium plus RT, lane 5 is nonmigrating epithelium plus RT, lane 6 is nonmigrating epithelium minus RT, lane 8 is nonspecific RNA minus RT, lane 9 is nonspecific RNA plus RT, lane 10 is an extraction blank minus RT, lane 11 is an extraction blank plus RT, lane 12 is an RT blank and lane 13 is a PCR blank. "N" designates nonmigrating corneal epithelium, while "M" designates migrating corneal epithelium.

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