Figure 7 of Yeagle, Mol Vis 2000; 6:125-131.

Figure 7. Superposition of the seventh helix and the carboxyl terminal of rhodopsin

This animation shows the superposition described in the text for the structures of the seventh helix and the carboxyl terminal of rhodopsin. There is a substantial region of overlap in the sequence of each of these peptides, and that overlap region forms a helix in each case. This redundancy permits the superposition of the positions of the residues in common. As can be seen in this animation, the residues used for the overlap lock together well since they describe the same helical structure in each of the peptides. The result is a three dimensional structure for the combined sequences of the two peptides.

Note that the slide bar at the bottom of the quicktime movie can be used to manually control the flow of the movie. If you do not want to or are unable to view the movie, a representative frame is included below as a still image.


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