Table 1 of Seigel, Mol Vis 1999; 5:4.

Table 1. A Comparison of Retinal Culture Systems

Summary the major differences between the basic types of retinal cultures discussed in the text.

                      Characteristics of Retinal Cell Cultures

                  Primary Cultures         Retinoblastoma Cultures   Engineered Cell Lines
---------------   ----------------------   -----------------------   ---------------------
Examples          Explants, Reaggregates   Y79, WERI-Rb1,            KGLDMSM, R28
                    Monolayers               FMC-Rb1, RB355-7          rMC-1

Lifespan          Finite (2-4 weeks)       Indefinite                Indefinite

Freezer           No                       Yes                       Yes

Phenotypic        Excellent                Immature                  Variable

Growth            Post-mitotic or          Highly proliferative      Mitotic
Characteristics     slow-growing

Tumor-forming     None                     High                      Range: none to high

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