Table 1 of Hawes, Mol Vis 1999; 5:22.

Table 1. Mouse Information

Common Name     Allele    Genotype       Genetic      References
Or Strain       Symbol                   Background 
C57BL/6J                                 C57BL/6J 

BALB/cByJ                                BALB/cByJ 

Retinal         Pdebrd1   Pdebrd1/rd1  C3HeB/FeJ    12, 14, 26
Degeneration 1

Retinal         Prph2Rd2  PrphRd2/Rd2  C3.BLiA      12, 14, 27
Degeneration 2

Retinal         rd3       rd3/rd3       In(5)30Rk    12 - 15
Degeneration 3

Retinal         rd7       rd7/rd7       C57BL/6J     17
Degeneration 7

Achondroplasia  cn        cn/cn         STOCK a/a  
(cyanotic)                               Tyrc/Tyrc cn+

nervous         nr        nr/nr         C3HeB x      12, 14, 19
                                         C57BL/6J F2 
                                         not carrying 

Motor neuron    mnd       mnd/mnd       B6.KB2       12, 14
degeneration                             congenic 

Purkinje cell   pcd       pcd/pcd       C57BL/6J     12, 14, 20, 21

Kidney and      Krd       Krd/+         C3.BLiA      12, 22
retinal defects 

Optic nerve               multigenic     Mixed* 

CALB/RK                   multigenic     CALB/Rk** 

Optic nerve     Onc1      Onc1/+        C57BL/6J 

*First identified in a single mouse of undefined mixed background.  
This mouse was bred to C57BR/cdJ and the offspring intercrossed to 
recover the phenotype.  The strain is maintained by brother-sister 
matings. Since this optic nerve coloboma appears to have a multigenic 
origin, we refer to this strain by the phenotype designator "ONC" 
in this paper.

** A wild derived strain caught near San Francisco and inbred by 
brother-sister matings.

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