Table 1 of Chang, Mol Vis 1999; 5:21.

Table 1. The G to A transition at position 161

The G to A transition at position 161 of the [alpha]A-crystallin gene was detected only in the lop18/lop18 mice. These lens opacity mutant strains or stocks found at The Jackson Laboratory are being characterized. Mutations lacking references below are new unpublished mutations.

Inbred       G to A      Lens Opacity Mutant      G to A
Strains                  Strains or Stocks
CBA/CaGnLe     No        CBA/CaGnLe-lop18           Yes

C57BL/6J       No        Lop10 [20,21]              No

C3H/HeJ        No        lop11 [20]                 No

CBA/J          No        Lop12 [20]                 No

BALB/cJ        No        lop13 [20]                 No

DBA/2J         No        lop14 [20]                 No

DBA/1J         No        Lop15                      No

A/J            No        lop16 [20]                 No

129/J          No        lop17 [20]                 No

ST/J           No        lop19                      No

NZW/LacJ       No        bs2 [20]                   No

CE/J           No        corn1 [20,22]              No

YBR/J          No        Nm1853                      No

SJL/J          No        nm2520                      No

LP/J           No        Nm2557                      No

CAST/Ei        No        Nm2620                      No

SPRET/Ei       No        Emory cataract [23,24]      No

MOLD/Rk        No

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