Figure 2 of Park, Mol Vis 1999; 5:18.

Figure 2. Recombinant fusion proteins

The GST fusion proteins were purified by affinity chromatography utilizing glutathione-agarose beads and the SH-truncated proteins were obtained following treatment of the fusion protein with thrombin as described in the text. The fusion proteins and the SH-truncated proteins separated by SDS-PAGE were either stained with coomassie blue (A and C) or immunoblotted using anti-GST antibody (B) or anti-PLC-[gamma]1 antibody (D). A and B: 1, GST-(SH2)2; 2, GST-SH3; 3, GST-(SH2)2-SH3. C and D: 1, (SH2)2; 2, (SH2)2-SH3. M, protein size marker.

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