Figure 3 of Semple-Rowland, Mol Vis 1999; 5:14.

Figure 3. Sequence of the chicken GCAP2 gene

GCAP2 is encoded by 4 exons (shaded in light blue). Intron sequences are shown in lower case. The residues corresponding to the predicted EF hand Ca2+-binding domains are shaded in blue. The translation start (ATG) and stop (TAA) codons are shown in white on navy blue. The primers used in the 5'-RACE experiment are indicated in white on black backgrounds. A blue arrow labeled cDNA in the 5'-UTR indicates the 5' extent of the GCAP2 cDNA clones analyzed previously [20]. The positions of the putative tsp determined by 5'-RACE is indicated with a red arrow. A putative TATA box (+ strand, purple box), putative CCAAT box (- strand, green box), putative NF-[kappa]B site (+ strand pink box), paired E-box elements (+ strand, gray boxes), and Crx-like elements (+ strand, orange boxes) are indicated in the proximal promoter region. The GCAP2 gene sequence is in GenBank as Accession number AF172708.

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