Figure 1 of Semple-Rowland, Mol Vis 1999; 5:14.

Figure 1. Physical map of the chicken GCAP gene array

The cosmid clone containing the GCAP2/GCAP1 gene array contained a 23 kb insert, which was subcloned into four Eco RI fragments (ccos 20, 6, 24, 16). GCAP2 and GCAP1 are each encoded by four exons that are depicted as boxes: the coding portions for GCAP2 are light blue and those for GCAP1 are dark blue. Non-coding regions of the exons are light gray for both GCAP2 and GCAP1. Introns and flanking sequences are depicted as lines. The GCAP2 and GCAP1 genes each contain 3 introns, the sizes of which are shown in bp above the lines indicating the relative positions of the introns. Each intron has been given a letter designation (GCAP2, a-c; GCAP1, A-C) which corresponds to those shown in Figures 2 and 3. Regions of the cosmid clone that were not sequenced are indicated by the light purple boxes. The direction of transcription is indicated for GCAP2 and GCAP1 genes with gray arrows.

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