Figure 2 of Farboud, Mol Vis 1999; 5:11.

Figure 2. Immunoblot analysis of anti-AGE antibody after competition experiments.

The antigen of interest was dotted onto nitrocellulose, the membrane was incubated with 1 µg/ml anti-AGE antibody after a 3 h preincubation with various concentrations of the antigen of interest. A. After preincubating the anti-AGE antibody with CML-BSA and pentosidine-BSA, significant reaction toward AGE-BSA remains. Note that the preincubation eliminates or reduces the reaction of the antibody toward CML-BSA and pentosidine-BSA. B. After preincubating the antibody with CML-BSA, pentosidine-BSA, and Amadori product, significant reaction persists against AGE-BSA while reducing the reaction toward CML-BSA and pentosidine-BSA.

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