Figure 4 of Sinha, Mol Vis 4:8, 1998.

Figure 4. Lens and Non-lens Expression of Mouse [gamma]S in mouse

A. Northern analysis of tissues from 2 day, 8 week and 10 month old mice. Equal amounts of RNA were loaded as shown by 18S hybridization. The lane "r.o.eye" contains RNA from the rest of the eye after removal of the lens.

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B. Northern analysis of lens and retina from 12 and 33 day old mice. Results are for 5 µg of lens RNA and 20 µg of retina RNA. Relative loading is indicated by the staining pattern for 18S RNA shown below. Retina and lens blots were separately scanned using a phosphoimager. Absolute levels of [gamma]S hybridization are estimated to be over 20 fold higher in lens than in retina.

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