Figure 2 of Sinha, Mol Vis 4:8, 1998.

Figure 2. Southern Blotting and Mapping Crygs in the Mouse Genome

A. Southern blot of mouse [gamma]S. Hybridization patterns for mouse genomic DNA digested with EcoRI (E), BamHI (B) and PstI (P) and probed with cDNA for mouse [gamma]S.

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B. Localization of Crygs. Genetic map location of Crygs on mouse chromosome 16. To the right of the map are recombination fractions between adjacent loci with the first fraction from the M. m. musculus crosses and the second from the M. spretus crosses. Numbers in parentheses are recombinational distances. The chromosome 16 markers used here were typed as described previously [38]. To the left of the map are locations of human homologues. The cataract Opj, mapped by different crosses, is in the same region of chromosome 16.

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