Figure 4 of Qian, Mol Vis 4:6, 1998.

Figure 4. Multiple sequence alignment of several GAT-1 cDNAs from different sources with SGAT-1.

The alignment was created with Clustal software using sequences available in the EMBL database. The tissue sources of the sequences are listed along the left edge of the alignment. Gaps in the alignment are noted with a dash (-), while residues conserved within the alignment are designated with an asterisk (*) and conservatively-replaced residues with a dot (.). The conservatively-replaced residues are: A, S, T; D, E; N, Q; R, K; I, L, M, V; F, Y, W. The positions of the transmembrane domains are in bold face and underlined. The first through twelfth transmembrane domains are labeled MI through MXII. (Tissue source: HGAT-1: human brain; RGAT-1: rat brain; MGAT-1: mouse brain; MRGAT-1: mouse retina; TGAT-1: Torpedo electromotor nucleus; SGAT-1: skate retina)

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