Figure 2 of Qian, Mol Vis 4:6, 1998.

Figure 2. Nucleotide and amino acid sequences of the skate retinal GABA transporter.

The 12 putative transmembrane domains are in bold face and underlined, and numbers denoting them are on the left. Potential N-glycosylation sites are indicated by asterisks. Potential phosphorylation sites by protein kinase C are indicated by triangles, and by casein kinase II are indicated by dots underneath their residues. Intron positions are indicated by arrows above the nucleotide sequence, and the poly(A) signal is double underlined. The number of the nucleotides starting from the 5' RACE product is labeled on the right side and the number of the deduced amino acids is labeled below, starting at the ATG. The dashed line represents the unsequenced portion of the 3' RACE product.

Alternative versions of the sequences are available.
Nucleotide sequence: A text-only file or the Genbank entry (AF049108).
Amino-acid sequence: A text-only file or the Genbank entry (2935716).

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