Table 1 of He, Mol Vis 4:32, 1998.

Table 1. Postnatal age of onset or appearance, fifty percent of maximal level and maximal level for various rat rod photoreceptor, and retinal measures obtained during development and adulthooda

                                 Age of          Age at 50% of           Age at
Measure                          Onset           Maximal Level        Maximal Level

ROS length                        PN6                PN14                 PN45

Rhodopsin concentration           PN5                PN14                 PN45

cGMP PDE activity                 PN5                PN15-16              PN45

opsin expression                  PN1                PN12-14              PN45

ß-PDE expression                  PN2                PN12-14              PN45

c-fos expression                 PN0                PN14                 PN45

Nrl expression (2.0 kb)          PN0                PN7                  PN14

junD expression                  PN0                PN8                  PN0

Nrl in situ expression           PN5                PN10                 PN15

a Except for the Nrl in situ expression data, the ages are values determined from graphs presented in this manuscript. The ages for the in situ expression were obtained by visual inspection of semi-quantitative analyses as described in the Methods.

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