Figure 3 of He, Mol Vis 4:32, 1998.

Figure 3. Developmental expression of mRNAs for rod-specific ß subunit of cGMP PDE, opsin, junD, c-fos and Nrl in rat retinas

Total retinal RNA from PN0-45 dark-adapted rats was isolated and steady-state levels of (A and C) ß-PDE (B and D) opsin, (E) junD, (F) c-fos, (G) Nrl mRNA were determined using Northern blot hybridization and image analysis as described in Methods. 10 µg of RNA was loaded per well. To detect and quantify the transcripts at earlier ages, however, it was necessary to increase the exposure times for (C) ß-PDE and (D) opsin. Five to seven blots, from independent samples, were analyzed at each age. Compared to the expression in dark-adapted developing and adult retinas, the expression of ß-PDE, junD, and the three Nrl transcripts in light-adapted retinas was not different while opsin and c-fos expression were significantly decreased (data not shown).

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