Figure 2 of Klintworth, Mol Vis 4:31, 1998.

Figure 2. Pedigree and haplotypes of Family 1 whose DNA was analyzed by SSCP for polymorphisms within exon 2 of the hLF gene and with STS markers in the vicinity of the hLF gene.

A. Three polymorphisms in exon 2 of hLF gene.

B. STS marker D3S1298

C. STS marker D3S1260

D. STS marker D3S2968

E. Genotypes based on haplotypes were created to the 3p21 loci of chromosome 3

F. Pairing letters of haplotypes of siblings based on the inherited 3p21 loci. Note individuals #1 and #6 have pairing letter A; Individuals #2, #3, #5 and #7 have pairing B; and individual #4 has pairing letter C. The pairing letters have no relationship to the disease status.

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