Figure 2 of Stenkamp, Mol Vis 4:26, 1998.

Figure 2. IRBP mRNA expression in embryonic zebrafish whole mounts

(A) 31 hours post-fertilization (hpf) zebrafish hybridized with IRBP cRNA. Five cells on dorsal midline surface of head are labeled; e, eye. (B) 53 hpf zebrafish eye, lateral view, hybridized with IRBP cRNA. Approximately 10 cells in ventral retina are labeled; v, ventral; n, nasal. Inset shows a 53 hpf zebrafish eye, same orientation, hybridized with rod opsin cRNA; approximately 25 cells are labeled. (C) 55 hpf zebrafish eye, same orientation as in B, hybridized with IRBP cRNA. Several additional photoreceptors outside of ventral patch (arrows) are labeled. (D) 60 hpf zebrafish eye, same orientation as B and C, hybridized with IRBP cRNA. The focal plane is at the surface of the eye (superficial to the level of the neural retina), revealing a hexagonal labeling pattern, characteristic of RPE. Scale bars = 50 µm; bar in B applies to C and D.

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