Figure 4 of Aguirre, Mol Vis 4:23, 1998.

Figure 4. Amplification of canine RPE65 gene fragment from briard dogs

Amplification of putative exon 5 of RPE65 gene from briard dogs affected with csnb, retinal dystrophy (Ret. Dyst.) and progressive retinal atrophy (PRA). A small region of exon 5 was amplified by PCR from (a) csnb-affected (lanes 1-3), carrier (lane 4), and normal (lane 5) dogs of US and Canadian origin; (b) Swedish briard dogs affected with retinal dystrophy (lanes 6 and 7) or carrier for the disease (lane 8); and (c) PRA-affected (lane 9) and nonaffected littermate (lane 10) briard dogs of US origin. The PCR products were separated in 6% non denaturing polyacrylamide gel. The sizes of the amplified DNA fragments from the two alleles, and the relative location of the heteroduplexes formed between these two alleles in the gel are indicated. The marker lane (M) contains 100 bp DNA ladder.

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