Figure 6 of Rozsa, Mol Vis 4:20, 1998.

Figure 6. Fraction affected versus age at diagnosis

Only individuals with the disease phenotype are included from the pedigree. The fraction affected was calculated by dividing the running total of affected individuals by the total number of affected individuals; n = 15 for UM:JG1 (Pro370Leu), n = 16 for UM:JG2 (Ile477Asn), n = 12 for UM:JG3 (Val426Phe), n = 12 for UM:GL57 (Glu323Lys) and n = 55 for combined data. The three youngest individuals in UM:GL57 were already affected upon first examination at age 9 [30]. The green squares, blue inverted triangles, purple triangles and red diamonds indicate data from UM:JG1 (Pro370Leu), UM:GL57 (Glu323Lys), UM:JG2 (Ile477Asn), and UM:JG3 (Val426Phe), respectively. Combined data is shown by a black line with open circles.

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