Figure 3 of Rozsa, Mol Vis 4:20, 1998.

Figure 3. TIGR/MYOC polymorphisms in four glaucoma probands shown by autoradiography

Four nucleotide alterations in UM:JG1, UM:JG3, UM:GL57, and UM:GL7 from PCR amplified regions of TIGR/MYOC were sequenced as described in Materials and Methods. G, A, T, C at the top indicates the dideoxynucleotide used for each chain termination sequencing reaction. Amino acid residues encoded by each triplet are shown on the right. A. Residues 368 to 372 from the UM:JG1 proband. C/T indicates the nucleotide change resulting in the amino acid change Pro/Leu at codon 370. B. The Thr325Thr polymorphism at codon 325 in UM:GL7 results from G to A substitution. Codons 323 to 327 are shown. C. Residues 424 to 428 from the UM:JG3 proband. G/T indicates the mutation in UM:JG3 with the corresponding amino acid change Val/Phe at codon 426. D. Residues 345 to 349 from the UM:GL57 proband. T/C indicates the Tyr347Tyr polymorphism at codon 347.

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