Table 1 of Howell, Mol Vis 4:15, 1998.

Table 1. Peptide sequences from 100-kDa 2B4.14.1-reactive protein

Sequences of peptides produced from the 100-kDa protein isolated from human ciliary body by affinity chromatography with 2B4.14.1 are shown in the left-hand column. All four peptides are identical to the predicted sequence of human placenta amine oxidase; the positions of the peptides in the predicted sequence are provided in the right-hand column.

Peptide       Position in predicted sequence of
                human placenta amine oxidase

YLDID                    176-180

CVFEQNQGL                430-438

FLRPYNF                  704-710

FDEDPSF                  711-717

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