Figure 3 of Xu, Mol Vis 4:10, 1998.

Figure 3. Phylogenetic analysis of salamander visual pigments

A DNA distance phylogenetic tree of visual pigments was constructed as described in Methods. The pseudonym names are presented as following: rhod, rhodopsin; red, red cone pigment; grn, green cone pigment; blue, blue cone pigment; Salmon Anct, ancient salmon opsin; prhop, pineal opsin; Viol, violet cone pigment. The GenBank accession numbers are: bovine blue [19], U92557; bovine red [34], L09725; bovine rhod [35], K00502, K00503, K00504, K00505, K00506; cavefish blue [36], S66818, S66819, S66828, S66829, S66838; cavefish grn4 [37], U12024; cavefish grn5 [37], U12025; cavefish red [38], M90075; chick blue [33], M92037; chick grn1 [33], M92038; chick prhod [39], U87449; chick red1 [30], M62903; chick red2 [40], X57490; chick rhod [41], D00702; chick viol [33], M92039; domcat red1 [42], AF031532; goldfish blue [43], L11864; goldfish grn1 [43], L11865; goldfish grn2 [43], L11866; goldfish red1 [43], L11867; goldfish rhod [43], L11863; human blue [44], M13295, M13296, M13297, M13298, M13299; human grn [44], M13306; human red1 [44], M13300, M13301, M13302, M13303, M13304, M13305; human rhod [45], K02281; lamprey rhod [46], U67123, U67124, U67125, U67126, U67127; mouse blue [19], U49720; mouse rhod [47], M55171; salamander blue, AF038946; salamander red, AF038947; salamander rhod [12], U36657; Salmon Anct, AF001499 [48].

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