Figure 4 of Chitpinityol, Mol Vis 4:1, 1998.

Figure 4. Effect of [alpha]-crystallin on the refolding of prochymosin.

The milk clotting assay demonstrates the effect of concentrations of [alpha]-crystallin added on the refolding of wild-type prochymosin at different initial E. coli protein concentrations in phosphate buffer. The milk-clotting assay is described in Materials and Methods. Panel (a): 1.0 mg/ml initial protein. Panel (b): 0.63 mg/ml initial protein. Panel (c): 0.25 mg/ml initial protein. Row " + ": authentic chymosin, 4 µg in the first well. Row " - ": negative control. For the remaining rows, the amount of [alpha]-crystallin added is shown as the ratio of initial protein to [alpha]-crystallin (numbers to the right of figures.) Enzyme activity is shown by the white wells containing clotted milk; the larger the number of wells containing clotted milk, the greater the enzyme activity, and so the greater the efficiency of refolding. See text for details.

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