Table 2 of Betts, Mol Vis 2024; 30:74-91.

Table 2. Tissue inhibitor of metalloproteinases 3 (TIMP-3) variants and their inhibitory ability.

Mutation Matrix metalloproteinases (MMP) inhibition (relative to wild-type TIMP-3)
Leu10His Gly12Arg Not known.
Cys24Arg Not known.
Ser38Cys Not known.
Intron 4/Exon 5 Splice Site Not known.
Ser149Cys Not known.
Tyr151Cys Not known.
Glu162Lys Retains inhibition of MMP-2/9 [80].
Glu162STOP Retains inhibition of MMP-2/9 [68], with MMP-2 inhibition demonstrate for monomer [74].
Reduced MT1-MMP inhibition [70].
Tyr174Cys Not known.
Tyr177Cys Not known.
Ser179Cys Retains (monomer) inhibition of MMP-2/9 [83] [70].
2–3-fold lower Kon values for MMP-2/3/9/13 [77]. Reduced MMP-2/9 inhibition [81,82], increased MMP-9 activity in spleen tissue isolated from Ser179Cys+/+ mice [82], reduced inhibition of MT1-MMP [69,70].
Increased secretion and activation of pro-MMP-2/9 [69].
His181Arg Proposed molecular modeling suggests that His181Arg have altered pro-MMP-2 activation [97].
Tyr182Cys Not known.
Gly189Cys Retains inhibition of ‘MMPs’ in transfected COS-7 cells [75].
Gly190Cys Retains inhibition of MMP-2/9 [77].
Tyr191Cys Retained [77] or reduced inhibition of MMP-2/9 [81].
Ser193Cys Not known.
Tyr195Cys Not known.
Trp198Cys Not known.
Ser204Cys Retains inhibition of ‘MMPs’ [73], MMP-2/9 [33,70,74,77] and MT1-MMP [70].
Reduced inhibition of MMP-2/9 [81]. Due to increased accumulation, overall inhibition of MMP-2/9 was unaltered [72].