Figure 1 of Pantrangi, Mol Vis 2024; 30:49-57.

Figure 1. Maps of the RPGR ORF15 and Whole Genome next-generation sequencing (NGS) Coverage of ORF15. A: Exon diagrams of the RPGR 15 exon transcript found in retina and the 19-exon transcript found in most other tissues. The two transcripts are identical through the end of exon 15 of the 19-exon transcript. B: Typical plot of the NGS read coverage of ORF15 using standard whole genome sequencing with PCR-free library preparation. Coverage drops below the minimum 20X required for accurate sequence determination over much of ORF15. C: Map of ORF15 in the 15-exon transcript, with the position of the purine-rich region in the coding strand and the PCR amplicons used for Sanger sequencing.