Figure 7 of Cehofski, Mol Vis 2024; 30:17-35.

Figure 7. LBP and VEGF protein levels in DME and their correlations with CST. A: Relative abundance of LBP protein as determined by proteomic analysis using mass spectrometry expressed in log2-transformed label-free quantification units (LFQ), and LBP and VEGF log10-transformed concentrations as determined by ELISA. B: Correlation between LBP and VEGF concentrations, correlation between LBP proteomics data and CST, and correlation between LBP protein concentrations of ELISA and CST. A best-fit linear regression line with 95% confidence bands (dotted line) is shown. Pearson’s correlation coefficient (r) and p values (P) are given, with p < 0.05 being statistically significant.