Figure 4 of Peng, Mol Vis 2024; 30:123-136.

Figure 4. Ectopic expression of Cre and EGFP does not impair zTg(cryaa:Cre-cryaa:EGFP) development. A, B: The standard length from the snout to the origin of the tail fin (A) and the eye area (B) of WT and zTg(cryaa:Cre-cryaa:EGFP) zebrafish were measured using Image J (Wayne Rasband, National Institutes of Health) and analyzed by increased age. The eye area calculation range is within the dotted red circle shown in A. Error bars indicate means ± SDs; ns indicates no significant differences; n = 20. C: H&E staining of paraffin-embedded eye sections of 5 dpf, 10 dpf, and 20 dpf WT and Tg-zebrafish. The standard length of the samples was 2.5, 3.1, and 4.4 mm at 5, 10, and 20 dpf, respectively, and the eye area was 0.032, 0.043, and 0.108 mm2 long, respectively. D: Photographs of the lens transparency of WT and Tg zebrafish at the stages of 2 mpf and 9 mpf taken with a split-lamp microscope and a grid transmission image assay. The standard length of the samples was 20.8 and 33.9 mm at 2 and 9 mpf, respectively, and the eye area was 2.37 and 4.26 mm2 long, respectively.