Figure 7 of Shearer, Mol Vis 3:8, 1997.

Figure 7. mRNA levels for newly discovered lens calpain, Lp74, compared to m-calpain mRNA using RT-PCR

Lane 1 contains a 100 bp ladder. Lane 2 is RT-PCR using common primers corresponding to nucleotides: sense Lp74 272-292, antisense Lp74 1253-1273; sense m-calpain 415-435, antisense m-calpain 1393-1413. The resulting band in lane 2 contained transcripts for Lp74 and m-calpain not resolved on this gel. Lane 3 contains both Lp74 and m-calpain transcripts cut with BbsI. Note equal amounts of unique bands at 816 bp (Lp74) and 687 bp (m-calpain), suggesting that Lp74 transcripts are as high as those for m-calpain.

mRNA for lens calpain and m-calpain (15K)

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