Figure 6 of Shearer, Mol Vis 3:8, 1997.

Figure 6. Lp74, a lens specific calpain

mRNA for Lp74 calpain located in lens using RT-PCR with gene-specific primers to full length Lp74. The heavy band at 2106 bp in lens was sequenced and found to be a splice variant of the muscle type p94. In Lp74, most of the nucleotides from exon 1 and all of exons 6, 15 and 16 in the p94 sequence were missing. The primers used for RT-PCR for Lp74 correspond to these sequences in Lp74: sense 167-197, antisense 2243-2270. The cDNA nucleotide sequence and the deduced amino acid sequence for Lp74 are available using GenBank accession number U96367.

mRNA for Lp74 calpain in lens (20K)

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