Figure 2 of Kolb et al

Figure 2: EM of the Toh-IR amacrine cell.
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a) An amacrine profile (A) makes a narrow-cleft synapse with small caliber synaptic vesicles (arrowhead) upon the base of the Toh-IR cell body in stratum 1 of the IPL. The Toh-IR cell cytoplasm contains dense-cored vesicles (white arrow).
b) Bipolar (B) ribbon input (arrow) to a Toh-IR profile in S1 of the IPL.
c) A dense-cored vesicle (fine arrows) containing amacrine profile (A) is presynaptic (large arrow) to a Toh-IR process in S1 of the IPL.
d) A bipolar cell profile (B) is presynaptic (arrow) to a Toh-IR profile in S2/3.
e) A GABA+ amacrine (Ga), containing colloidal gold particles, is presynaptic to a small Toh-IR profile in S3.
f) Two wide-cleft synapses from amacrine cells (A, curved arrows) upon a Toh-IR process in S4/5. Scale bar for all 0.5 um.

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