Figure 2. Light micrographs of bovine nuclear fiber cells in the equatorial plane.

A. Embryonic nucleus. The largest cells are found in the embryonic nucleus, where the disordered packing and large range in cross- sectional area is apparent. Location = center of the equatorial plane.
B-D. Fetal Nucleus. Panels B-D display how the cell size, shape and arrangement gradually changes from disordered, rounded profiles which vary greatly in size (B), to flattened hexagonal profiles of more uniform size (D). Short irregular rows are discernable in C, which become easily recognizable radial cell columns in D.
B. Location = 0.6 mm from lens center.
C. Location = 1 mm from the lens center.
D. Location = 2 mm from the lens center.
E. Juvenile Nucleus. The juvenile nuclear region is characterized by occasional large profiles interspersed among relatively uniform fiber cells arranged in regular radial cell columns. Location = 3 mm from the lens center.
F-G. Adult Nucleus. Fiber cells of the adult nucleus (F-G) are highly flattened hexagons in shape and display very regular packing. Cell profiles in figure G (located 5 mm from the lens center) appear more flattened than those in figure F (located 4 mm from the lens center.