Figure 8 of Boatright, Mol Vis 3:15, 1997.

Figure 8. Reporter gene activity is driven by the 70 bp promoter in brain cells but not fibroblasts.

Cells from E10 brain tissue (excluding pineal gland and cerebellum) and chick limb buds ("Fibroblasts") were transfected with pSV40, p70, or pBLCAT3 ("Promoterless Vector"). Brain cells additionally were transfected with p1783. The SV40 promoter drove activity in both cell types. In brain cells, the full-length promoter did not stimulate CAT activity, but the truncated promoter did compared to Promoterless Vector (p < 0.05). The truncated promoter had minimal activity in fibroblasts. Activities are means ± SEM of percentage of the response to pSV40 from individual experiments.

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