Figure 1 of Barter, Mol Vis 2022; 28:492-499.

Figure 1. Representative SD-OCT retinal B-scan analysis of a cultured lumpfish. The original B-scan image (A) was processed and segmented using the image segmentation program ([C] and [D]). The segmentation of the retinal layers (B) represents the overlay of the segmented image (C) upon the original image (A). The indicated retinal layers are visible and labeled in (A). Actual thickness measurements in micrometers of the three segmented layers are indicated in (C). The red smoothing line generated by the program segmentation delimited the middle point of the retinal layers within the green lines as shown in (D). Manual delimitation of the retina SD-OCT B-scan presented in (A) from the NFL to the RPE, inclusive, IS shown by the yellow calipers in (E).