Figure 2 of Trang, Mol Vis 2022; 28:480-491.

Figure 2. Amino acid conservation (A) and PolyPhen-2 functional prediction (B) of the novel variant c.G169C (p.G57R) in the FZD4 gene. The amino acid residue p.G57R, which is highly conserved, is indicated in a red box. Reference sequence for FZD4 protein: H. sapiens (NP_036325.2), C. lupus dingo (XP_025275150.1), M. erminea (XP_032212986.1), A. melanoleuca (XP_002925226.1), P. abelii (XP_002822378.1), C. ursinus (XP_025750055.1), P. troglodytes (XP_001175326.2), C. hircus (XP_017898819.1), C. cristata (XP_004683332.1), L. catta (XP_045413127.1), O. afer (XP_007944467.1), C. elaphus (XP_043732311.1), P. sinus (XP_032496992.1), and M. meles (XP_045872465.1).