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Received 23 October 2020 | Accepted 07 March 2021 | Published 02 September 2021

In Memoriam: Gary Conrad, PhD (1941-2020)

Elena S. Tasheva

Department of Biology, Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas 66502

Correspondence to: Elena Tasheva, Department of Biology, Kansas State University, Ackert Hall, room 244, Manhattan, Kansas 66502; Phone: +359 884558540; FAX: +359 884558540; email:

It’s a sad loss to note that Gary Conrad, long time eye researcher, died on the first of July, 2020.

He was the University Distinguished Professor Emeritus, Division of Biology at Kansas State University. He was an international expert in the field of Cellular and Developmental Biology and a recognized eye researcher. As such, he has published extensively in academic, peer-reviewed journals and was a frequent invitee and speaker at international conferences. In addition, he has received continuous research support from the National Institute of Health, The National Aeronautical Space Administration, and the American Heart Association since 1972. He has served on numerous national and international committees.

Over his long career Professor Conrad and his colleagues have isolated, biochemically characterized and named several molecules that are present in eye and other tissues. His work was recognized by several scholastic honors and fellowships.

As a man, Professor Conrad was the most giving of his time. He gave attention to everybody who needed. After retirement he spent part of every day in the woods of Maine volunteering to maintain trails in Acadia National Park.

He will be remembered for his contributions in science and for his professionalism.