Appendix 5 of Santra, Mol Vis 2021; 27:125-141.

Appendix 5.Effect of intravitreal injection iHA-VMA (A, B) and VMA (C, D) on retinal morphology of albino rabbits.

To access the data, click or select the words “Appendix 5.” Representative micrographs have been shown in each case (A, C). Injection with iHA-VMA did not cause any significant changes in thickness (presented as mean±SD) of any of the retinal layers, while significant difference in retinal layers thickness was observed in VMA treated rabbits between control and treated eyes (D). P value <0.5 was considered as significant. ** GCL: Ganglion cell layer; IPL: inner plexiform layer; INL: inner nuclear layer; ONL: outer nuclear layer; PL: Photoreceptor layer. Scale Bar 50 µm.