Figure 6 of Bing, Mol Vis 2020; 26:641-651.

Figure 6. Treatment with tofacitinib has no apparent effect on the generation of FoxP3+ cells and on antibody production to IRBP. A: Eye-infiltrating and splenic cells from mice treated with tofacitinib or vehicle-treated controls were collected on day 14 post-immunization and analyzed with flow cytometry for intracellular FoxP3. On the left, a representative experiment and on the right, the summary data from four independent experiments with five mice per group. Minimal differences were noted between cells of the two mouse groups. B: Pooled sera from mice treated with tofacitinib or from vehicle-treated control mice, collected on day 14 post-immunization, were tested with enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for antibody against interphotoreceptor retinoid-binding protein (IRBP). Pooled sera of normal mice (NMS) were used as controls. Essentially no differences were noted between the sera of the two groups of immunized mice. The figure combines data of three separate experiments.