Table 2 of Delaunay, Mol Vis 2020; 26:235-245.

Table 2. List of antibodies used.

Antibodies Species References Lab provider Dilution
Anti-GFAP polyclonal central domain of the protein Rabbit ZO334 Dako cytomation 1/200
Anti-glutamine synthetase clone GS-6 Mouse MAB 302 Merck Millipore 1/300
Anti-CRALBP monoclonal Mouse MA1-813 Thermo Fisher Scientific 1/300
Anti-vimentin polyclonal Chicken Ab24525 Abcam 1/500
Anti-CX43 C-ter domain Goat Sc-6560 Santa Cruz 1/200
Anti-ZO1 polyclonal Rabbit Sc-10804 Santa Cruz 1/200
Alexa-fluor 488 and 594 Invitrogen 1/300
4’,6’-diamino 2-phenylindo DAPI 1/5000