Figure 6 of Jara, Mol Vis 2020; 26:204-215.

Figure 6. Deletion of p62 does not alter levels of crystallins in homozygous Cx50D47A lenses. AD: Top panels, immunoblots of αA (A), αB (B), β (C), and γ (D) crystallins in lens homogenates prepared from 1-month-old homozygous Cx50D47A mice that were wild-type for p62 (p62+/+-Cx50D47A/D47A) or heterozygous (p62+/−-Cx50D47A/D47A) or homozygous (p62−/−-Cx50D47A/D47A) p62 null. The migration positions of the molecular mass markers are indicated on the left. Bottom panels, the graphs show the quantification of the density of the immunoreactive bands of αA (A), αB (B), β (C) and γ (D) crystallins in arbitrary units (a.u.). Data are presented as the mean (bar) + standard error of the mean (n = 3 sets).