Table 1 of Rauf, Mol Vis 2020; 26:14-25.

Table 1. Clinical characteristics of affected individuals of PKGL076, PKGL015 and PKGL042.

Family ID Individual ID Age at Enrollment Max. IOP (OD/OS) CD Ratio (OD/OS) VA(OD/OS) Corneal Diameter (B/L) Other Clinical findings
PKGL076 7 3 Years 36/26 NV/NV PL/PL Increased B/L Bu, CE, CH
PKGL076 8 6.5 Years 28/24 NV/NV PL/CF >13mm B/L Mc, B/L NY.
PKGL076 9 16 Years NA 0.6/0.4 NPL/PL Increased B/L Bu, B/L MF
PKGL015 12 6 Years 40/21 1.0/NV CF/NPL NA Bu, CE
PKGL015 15 5 Years NV/36 NV/0.9 CF NA Only Left Eye, FT
PKGL015 17 8 Years NA 1.0/NV CF NA Only Right eye, Ap, PI
PKGL042 9 16 years 36/NV 1.0/NV HM/HM Increased Bu, CO
PKGL042 10 12 years NA NV/NV PL/PL Increased B/L Bu, B/L CO
PKGL042 11 14 years 24/22 0.7/0.4 PL/HM 13/14mm B/L Bu, CO, B/L NY.