Figure 2 of Siggs, Mol Vis 2019; 25:527-534.

Figure 2. Coordinated expression of MYRF and TMEM98 in human and rodent tissues. A: Myc-MYRF chromatin immunoprecipitation binding peak (highlighted in red) at the Tmem98 locus in rat oligodendrocytes. Intervals constrained across 35 mammalian species are highlighted in green. B: Mean expression of MYRF and TMEM98 in human tissue as measured with gene expression array [21]. C: Expression of MYRF and TMEM98 transcripts in dissected human cadaveric eye tissue, represented as reads per kilobase per million mapped reads (RPKM). Bars represent mean with standard error of the mean (SEM; n=5–7 biologic replicates per tissue). S, sclera; CS, corneal stroma; CE, corneal epithelium; TM, trabecular meshwork; DM, Descemet’s membrane; ON, optic nerve; ONH, optic nerve head; PI, peripheral iris; CB, ciliary body.