Figure 6 of Faralli, Mol Vis 2019; 25:237-254.

Figure 6. Effect of αvβ3 integrin expression on GULP1, CHN1, ABR, and SIRPA mRNA expression. qPCR analyses of GULP1, CHN1, SIRPA, and ABR mRNA levels were done on stable TM-1 cell lines overexpressing the WT β3 integrin subunit or a CA β3 integrin subunit [11]. A cell line transduced with an empty vector (EV) was used as a control. Analyses were done in triplicate in three independent experiments; n=3. The decreases in GULP1, CHN1, and ABR mRNA levels were statistically significant (*) at p<0.05 compared to the cells transduced with the EV. All data were normalized to the mRNA levels observed in EV cells. Data represent the mean ± SEM.