Figure 2 of Hanke-Gogokhia, Mol Vis 2018; 24:834-846.

Figure 2. Shuttle vector and sequence alignment of mouse, human and canine NPHP5. A: scAAV8 shuttle vector used for preparation of the AAV. N-terminally Flag-tagged full-length (FL) canine NPHP5 (cNPHP5) is expressed under the control of the human GRK1 promoter. TR, terminal repeats; SV40 SD/SA, SV40 splice donor/splice acceptor; bGH-Poly(A), bovine growth hormone polyA signal. B: Sequence alignment of mouse (m), human (h), and canine (c) IQCB1/NPHP5 polypeptides. Identical residues are white on black background; conservative substitutions are white on gray background. Divergent residues are printed black. The alignment shows identical length (no gaps) and high conservation throughout. C: Identical residues among the sequences (%) calculated with Clustal W alignment of the three sequences.