Figure 1 of Hanke-Gogokhia, Mol Vis 2018; 24:834-846.

Figure 1. Phenotyping Nphp5 and Nphp5; Nrl double-knockout mice. A: Genotyping of Nphp5 and Nrl alleles. BE: Expression of ML-opsin (red) in Nphp5+/+ (left panels) and Nphp5-/- cones (right panels) at P10 (B), P15 (C), 1 month (D), and 2 months (E) in the presence of Egfp-Cetn2+ (C, D). F: Absence of rhodopsin in the Nphp5+/−; Nrl-/- retina. GM: Expression of ML-opsin in Nphp5+/+; Nrl-/- (left panels) and Nphp5-/-; Nrl-/- cones (right panels) at P10 (G), P15 (H), 1 month (I), 2 months (J), 3 months (L), and 6 months (M). Egfp-Cetn2+ (eCetn2+, green) identifies the centrioles and transition zones. Nuclei are contrasted using 4′,6-diamidino-2-phenylindole (DAPI, blue). Scale bar, 20 µm. N: ONL thickness of Nrl-/-, Nphp5−/−, and Nphp5-/-; Nrl-/- retinas (n=3) as a function of time. The deterioration of the double-knockout ONL relative to the Nrl−/− control is not statistically significant. OS, outer segment; IS, inner segment; ONL, outer nuclear layer; P, postnatal day; M, month.