Figure 2 of Rojanaporn, Mol Vis 2018; 24:778-788.

Figure 2. Clinical phenotypes of retinoblastoma patients with positive and negative test results for germline RB1 mutations. A: Age at diagnosis of probands with positive (n=31) or negative (n=21) test results. B: Age at diagnosis of unilateral RB patients who tested positive (n=9) or negative (n=18) for germline mutations. C: Age at diagnosis of probands with heritable RB affected bilaterally (n=22) or unilaterally (n=9). Data shown are mean±SEM, Welch’s t test. D: Age at diagnosis of probands with extraocular extension (EOE; positive test results, n=5) compared with that of probands with intraocular (IO) tumors (positive test results, n=26; negative test results, n=20). Data shown are mean±SEM, one-way ANOVA. ns: not significant.